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Corporate Governance

The NAAFLS Board of Directors are responsible for Corporate Governance. The Board delegates some authority to the Chief Executive Officer and some to the Principal Legal Officer.

The Board of Directors manages the following Corporate obligations:

  • Risk Management - The Board's role in developing a risk culture appropriate to the business and overseeing risk management to ensure improved performance.
  • Strategic Management - The Board's role in developing and executing strategy.
  • Financial Management – The Directors role in overseeing the Company finances.
  • Financial Performance - The Directors role in driving organisational performance.
  • Legal Environment - The legal and compliance obligations of the board including contracts, intellectual property, trade practices, privacy, OH&S, environment and anti-discrimination.
  • CEO Remuneration.
  • CEO Performance.
  • CEO Succession Planning.



NAAFLS Contact Officer for the Board of Directors:

PO Box 43104
Casuarina NT 0810
Telephone: 08 8923 8200
Toll Free: 1800 041 998